Your photography journey starts here.

Capturing your moment, your story, or your celebration is what I stand for.

In today's world, things move fast, and we often don't stand still about what happens in the daily routine of life, there is where Photography By Den comes in.

A memory captured in a frame of your most cherished moment, to capture your story or your loved ones without the need for words, the way you want to express and show yourself to the world.

It's all possible and I am here to assist you in your journey and capture them so you, your loved ones, and the world can enjoy a moment otherwise gone.

“The beauty of photography is being able to share a different point of view through a lens with others, in ways that might surprise or inspire them.”

How I work

I always make sure the client feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera even if it's their first time.
I have been told that my jolly, warm, kind and approachable personality helps the client a lot with that, it's important to connect with the person you are having a shoot with and that requires communication and a joke in between. My top priority is that the client is having a memorable and joyful time.

More about me

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